Through our Pilots, we are working directly with organizations to solve real problems managing data. In our Case Study series, we are highlighting projects and organisations who are working with the Frictionless Data specifications and tooling in interesting and innovative ways.

Case Study


As a visual data exploration and analytics platform, Zegami makes the exploration of large collections of image rich information quick and simple.


Causa Natura - Pescando Datos

Using good tables to improve quality of data to support fisher communities and advocacy groups.

C Case Study

Center for Data Science and Public Policy, Workforce Data Initiative

Supporting state and local workforce boards in managing and publishing data.


University of Cambridge - Retinal Mosaics

Investigating the applicability of the Data Package concept to facilitate data reuse in the field of Computational Neuroscience.


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Active Data Biology

Using Good Tables to validate metadata stored as part of an biological application on GitHub.

T Case Study

The Data Retriever

The Data Retriever is a package manager for data. It downloads, cleans, and stores publicly available data, so that analysts spend less time cleaning and managing data, and more time analyzing it.

Case Study

Cell Migration Standardization Organization

Building standards for cell migration data in order to enable data sharing in the field.

d Case Study

Allow users to download a version of a dataset that retains the structured metadata and schema for offline analysis

J Case Study

John Snow Labs

Turnkey data to data science, analytics and software teams in healthcare industry.

D Case Study


A way to share data and analysis, from simple charts to complex machine learning, with anyone in the world easily and for free.

O Case Study

Open Power System Data

A free-of-charge and open platform providing the data needed for power system analysis and modeling.

T Case Study


Creating data-driven applications in the cloud.

Grantee Profile

Daniel Fireman

Tool Fund Grantee - GO

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